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We currently have 2 stud males in our kennel. Gringos of Doonhamer is now retired but his legacy lives on in the phenomenal progeny that he has produced for Bronberg kennels. Denzo is a young male with a very promising future. Bronberg also frequently use imported males from other GSD federation breeders.
Gringos of Doonhamer Denzo of Sharyleigh
V; KKL 1(For life); AD; BH; Hips A+ V(NBS); KKL (2018-2019) AD; BH; Hips A+
Our stud male is Gringos of Doonhamer.  We were very fortunate to buy Gringos from Dennis Trotter of Doonhamer Kennels in Johannesburg.  Gringos has done exceptionally well in the show ring and has produced progeny that has done very as well.  He has been breed surveyed and has a hip grading of A+.

In 2009 Gringos was placed Vice Youth Sieger at the 2009 GSD nationals.  He has run at the top of his class in numerous shows.  He was awarded best bred SA male at the Momenta show in 2012, the Pinetown show in 2012 and again at the Pinetown show in 2013.  He has excellent conformation and a lovely temperemant which has been passed on to his progeny.

Breed Survey Critique:
Large, powerful, substantial male that is slightly stretched.  Powerful, masculine head.  Good wither, straight back.  Very good length and lay of croup.  Very good angulations.  Underline can be slightly longer.  Correct coming and going.  Balanced gait with far-reaching forward reach and powerful hind thrust.  Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance pronounced; dog does not release.  Dog can be used to improve bone strength.

Breed Survey Critique:
A large male with very good pigmentation, very good overall proportions. Very good head and expression. Very good height at wither, straight back. The croup is slightly short but well laid. Very good hind angulation, good forehand angulation, where the upper arm could be longer. Correct when viewed from the front. Very good, far reaching gait with powerful hind thrust. TSB pronounced, dog does not release.
Gringos of Doonhamer's Progeny
Odie of Doonhamer, a Gringos daughter, has run at the top of her class in numerous shows and received the grading Excellent at the National Breed Show in 2012.  We were very pleased to see two Gringos grandchildren entered in the National Breed Show in 2013.
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